Born and raised in Chile, Jenny Iturrieta received her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at the Catholic University of Chile and a Master’s Degree in Learning Disabilities. She worked two years as a kindergarten and preschool teacher in Santiago before moving to New York City where she was head teacher at La Escuelita, a bilingual school. During those years, she became a yoga teacher for children. Since Jenny married a French man, she moved to France to learn everything about the culture and the language. First in Montpellier then in Bordeaux, Jenny began her studies on music initiation for preschoolers and worked with Pic & Colegram and Petit Bruit Associations while she continued to teach private yoga classes. After almost eight years, jenny and her family decided to move back to the United States, but this time under the sun.

Jenny has ten years of dance training and was part of the Catholic University Traditional Ballet for four years.



I will give all of my life experiences and passions to Atelier Mélodie. I know how important the different forms of art are for a child’s development and a healthy life. By eagerly working each and every day to look for the best experiences for the children.