Why choose camp at Atelier MĂ©lodie over other options?image008

Bilingual environment: the planned activities and interactions will be in Spanish and or French.

To be in a group instead of a mass of people: respect their rhythms, the quality of the interactions and the proposed activities, will remain our priority.

The quality of a program full of variety and flexibility: the ease with which these workshops can have a group reduced to children allows us to explore an area of domains and adapt to the children’s needs.

Our program

Each week different activities such as music, yoga, Zumba, swimming, gardening,art classes, cooking, Jiu jitsu, gymnastics, community work and scientific experiments, will be part of their daily lives.
Field trips will be included in our program: Jungle Island, Sea Aquarium, Children’s Museum, Oleta Park, Lyon Country Safari, Coral Castle, Little Farm, Science Museum, fruit picking in Homestead, and many others.
Each week we will devote time to a designated theme. All activities will be centered on the selected theme so that the lesson is delivered as a meaningful and coherent experience.

Theme examples are:

  • The Outer Space
  • Architecture Trough History
  • To The Rhythm of Brazil
  • The World of Animals
  • The Caribbean
  • When I Am Older I want To Be
  • Vive La France
  • Ecology and Recycle
  • The Super Hero Life

Lunch and snack will be included on the program

Camp Fees

Half Day



10% Discount for Sibling