Program Guide

Early Learning Music class

“Music is the language of emotions” – Emmanuel Kant

Music is a beautiful way to communicate which allows us to express our joy as well as our sadness.  Music can appease or awaken a child; it helps children develop their brains while creating millions of neuro pathways that give them the ability to focus, to develop their language skills, or even the flexibility to think of a solution when they are faced with a problem.In this workshop, our goals are the following:

– Waken the children to the joy music brings while discovering each new form it takes learn how to recognize, differentiate, and reproduce an array of melodies and rhythms work the scale and music theory in a playful manner to after be able to different melodies on their keyboard.
– Discover multiple instruments of the world while recognizing the family they belong to develop a musical creation starting with small sounds.

Baby Melodies: Opening the door to the world of sound.

This workshop was created for the little ones, starting as early as 3 months old and up to 2.5 years old, accompanied by an adult. Through music, our very young artists will become familiar with an array of sounds and rhythms using different instruments and materials such as: maracas, tambourines, bells, guitars, flutes, sound tubes, bubbles, bed sheets, among other materials (or to name a few).
With this workshop, we hope to develop the child’s ability to hear/listen and communicate through a variety of songs and lullabies from around the world (or here and elsewhere). Music is not only a means to express oneself but also a means to socialize because it directly helps a child feel at ease and allows them to bloom/grow during the process.
Baby melodies will be a moment to share in a friendly environment and constructive participation.


“Words have the power to destroy and heal, when they are just and generous, they can change the world” (Buddha)

To feel, speak, listen, express oneself, these are actions that are sometimes difficult and require energy.  They have a direct impact on others.  Yoga can be used as a tool to help us become conscious of our actions, our thoughts, our emotions, by creating a direct link between our bodies, our spirits, and our thoughts. In this activity, presented to children in a playful manner, we will take care of our body, our mental well-being, and our spirit by using different yoga poses and breathing techniques that will be used through stories, games, and with instruments. In this workshop, our goals are the following:

– Learn to control fears or anxiety with breathing exercises and specific yoga poses that will bring us to a relaxed state of mind.
– Recognize our emotions and our different sources of energy
– Identify our capacities to work our limitations
– Learn a series of poses that will help us sleep better, breath better, protect our internal organs, reinforce our muscles and our joints as well as our agility.
– Search inside ourselves the tools to improve our focus, concentration, and perseverance.
– As a group, work specific essential values such as respect and tolerance while bringing a better quality of life in our society.

Traditional Latino American folk Dance

This workshop offers to children the possibility of learning and respecting a multitude of cultures from the American continent through the exploration of their dances, songs, rhythms and clothing, a rich universe full of identities. In a joyful atmosphere, we will work specific dance techniques and poses applied to the folklore style, as well as the lateralization and body image.  At the same time, we will use the different accessories and costumes such as: hats, scarfs and skirts, which will be part of each class. During the classes we will work through different dances with Argentinian, Chilean, Peruvian, Colombian, Mexican, and island roots. It is very important for us to accompany the children through these discoveries where the collective work is essential, while always respecting their rhythms and motor abilities.

The Little Comedians

“The goal of theater is to face ones limits”  (Edward Bond)

We give a lot of importance to children s ability to recognize in themselves their own limits to help work through them and maybe be able to surpass them, in a way which provides them a better way to face their emotions and fears.  Theater is a powerful tool to work through children s development starting with their inner being.
With this workshop we hope:
– To free and develop different motions and or expressions used in everyday life
– Find a means to express ones emotions and anxieties
– Develop their imagination through the use of different techniques such as puppets, modifications of well-known stories, mimes or theater shadows.
– Work through the correct use of the voice and the development of the French language.
Each week we will choose the use of different materials: costumes, theater makeup, mime games, magical wands, and many others.

Story time and fairy tales

“Reading is a friendship”  (Marcel Proust)(1871-1922)

And yes…a friendship that can last a life time, but as with our friends, it is a relationship that one has to nourish. Children not only benefit from the development of language and imagination through this bond but also their curiosity and creativity. These elements together allow children to open the door to an enchanted world which will be the beginning of this beautiful friendship and the basis for their ability to think critically and constructively. Through this workshop, we hope:
– To share stories that pass through the children s sight and words from the story itself.
– To build moments where imagination can blossom and creativity can find its place.
– To discover and take advantage of the pleasure one can find in listening and reading stories.
-To recognize the structure and different elements of different tales such as: the initial situation, actions, the final situation, the subject, the object, and others.
– To work and develop the French language through one’s ear by listening to the tales being told, stories and other fairy tales as well as through the creation and construction of their own stories.


Rugby is a sport in a team that develops leadership, hard work, and team spirit, courage, perseverance as well as endurance.
Keeping calm during hyper/stressful moments of the game helps children stay focused. In rugby, a nuance from other sports is that children have to organize themselves to advance, assist, and fight for the position of the ball, and after assure the continuity of the game and so forth until the whistle is blown, where the periods to play are long with many passes.
In rugby, the player is involved in every phase of the game, in defense positions as well forward positions.  They can make progress forward, tackle left or right.

Spanish lesson for children

In the Spanish groups we offer children dynamic and joyful moment’s to create real motivation to communicate.  The creation of an affectionate bond such as the one teacher and students create will be essential in their social interactions, the basis for learning other languages.  The class will involve joyful activities (games, songs) to promote the children’s participation and also other activities more structured such as reading or dictation where we will develop their oral and written comprehension skills, their understanding of grammar, as well as their vocabulary. All these activities/skills will be developed through subjects such as family, school, colors, the body, the house, food, animals, etc..